Two new film cues now online

I have completed two short film cues as entries in a "score-to-film" contest. The subject was a 60-second nature documentary-style clip, with credits before and after. I composed two cues in deliberately different styles -- one in a traditional, serious-sounding, flowing symphonic style ("English pastoral"), and the other in a more playful jazz quartet style (piano, soprano saxophone, upright bass and drums with brushes). You can hear both of them in the music section of the website! I have been hesitant to try scoring to film in the past because I thought that the need for visual synchronization would make the music composition process very frustrating, but in these exercises I found the opposite to be true. In the first place, having to fit the music to the parameters of the visual component forced me to try new musical approaches that expand my compositional "palette." Furthermore, although the first steps into the composition of each film score piece were more tentative, the remaining workflow was paradoxically accelerated -- one can quickly exclude many musical options that do not work with the video, which is not the case when you are faced with the "blank white page" of a musical score that stands alone. I hope to find more opportunities for scoring to picture!

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