From the recording Tryon Palace Gardens (6:43)

New Bern, located on the Neuse River at its junction with the Trent River, is a city of historical significance dating to pre-Revolutionary times. The town was an early capital of the colony of North Carolina, and as such was the site of a provincial Governor's residence that was reconstructed in the mid 20th century and named for its original occupant, Governor William Tryon, as Tryon Palace. The gardens maintained as part of the historic attraction have always been a favorite part of my visits to the site. It is somewhat ironic that Governor Tryon was not known to express any particular interest in horticulture and that the formal gardens bearing his name are likely a modern addition to the residence grounds. This composition began as a quartet for flute and solo strings (violin, viola, cello) but early in its development I chose to add a chamber orchestra to add more weight to alternating sections. Brass and timpani emphasize a regal atmosphere. The association of this music with the image of Tryon Palace was present from its inception.