From the recording Town Dock (6:28)

Town Dock attempts to capture the easygoing nature of the sailing community, symbolized by the town dock in Oriental where locals and visiting boaters alike are welcome to tie up. The composition unfolds much like a day spent on the water, with a quiet morning departure, periods of pleasant sailing conditions that build to stronger afternoon winds in open water, and the return home in jovial spirits for a quiet end to the day. The sprightly main theme melody introduced by the strings (viola section) and later restated by the oboe d'amore is influenced by Schubert's "Great" Symphony in C Major, D. 944 (second movement).
After a fluttery woodwind opening and introduction with some suggestion of a sea shanty, the lighthearted main theme is stated by the violas against pizzicato cellos and basses and is taken up by the woodwinds and violin sections. A more pensive, reflective second theme is introduced by flute and harp, and this swells with the addition of the full string orchestra. The timpani usher in a heavier, Elgar-inspired restatement of the reflective theme by the full orchestra. Elements of the introduction reappear in the brass choir, and the lighthearted first theme returns, this time led by a solo oboe d'amore that is enjoined by the full orchestra before winding down to a peaceful close.